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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It was almost like WWW just that the place seems bigger and more effort was made into decorating? Just a few interesting events that took place. My first and last ride were the most...... damaging rides, physically and psychologically.


I took this shitty thing (pic abv) first, H was telling me "the ride is erm, very injury-prone" and in my head was I was like "R U KIDDING? I'm born for rides like this" Guess who left the ride with scratched knee and bleeding toe. I was darn upset about it because I had to push the 'Rainbow Reef' for the last 'ride' so that my wounds would heal before I snorkel in seawater next to pretty fishes. Turns out I didn't like 'Rainbow Reef' very much either. I admit the view was spectacular, I mean, really like, WOW. BUT THE BREATHING SUCKS. I kept breathing in seawater, despite proudly telling H "oh I bet I won't drink any of the seawater at all". And whenever I inhale oxygen + seawater through my damn mouth, I activate this gag-reflex thingy hence.... i ended up struggling in the water until a lifeguard comes to save me. Daheck. That's prolly the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. I caught my breath for a moment or two before I go on and complete my snorkelling. It was hell, I decided to stop attempting to breathe so that I take in minimum amount of seawater. Until some over-friendly fish started swimming right to my face, which reminded me of how H jokingly told me that they put well-fed pirranhas inside, friggin' hell I swallowed ALL that damn seawater and was struggling like a drowning kid. Till then I was already so close to finishing it so I swam really quickly until I reach the finishing end.

I probably a major fail. Please tell me I'm still cool enough for wordpress.

H and I concluded that I am afraid of fishes + I can't snorkel for nuts + I'm so emotionally damaged because even after I'm home I still got that drowning + gag-reflex feeling. IT IS EMBARRASSING. Especially when you see kids completing it without a problem at all. :<

Well, it was not all bad at AC, H and I managed to cut an hour and a half worth of queue because his friend was at the front! Yay to that. And I leaped of this platform cliff into 4 metres deep pool!! As cool as it sounds now, I kinda chicken-out when I saw how deep the pool is, everybody laughed at me :< however that was when I knew I had to jump. I'm not a bimbo who is too scared of anything, except for fishes. And snorkelling. And ghost. OK wtvvvv.  In conclusion, AC is pretty much like WWW. I guess if you really want to go you can go carousell to find cheap tixs that's what my clever boy did and we only paid S$25 for a S$36 ticket.

Quote of the day

"I hate those damn fishes, unless they are dead on the dishes."

Toodles. Happy New year in advance!

Last Sunday of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

ImageFavourite picture of Hon Wee, so friggin' cute I want to hug him until his head explodes. Loverboy brought me to Rock and Ash for lunc today. For the past few weeks I have not been finishing my meals, and my fish fillet was so yummy I think the entire fish is swimming in ma tummy and beneath my fats. 

2013 is ending in a few more days, and I remember this time last year I told myself that "in 2013, I definitely would have friends to go count down with!". This year, I'm shamelessly tagging along with H to go count down with his friends, CLOSE ENOUGH. School is going to end in about 8-9 weeks time, and till then, I really need to work on my socialising skills. *awkward turtle* 


I appreciate all the little things that happened this year, a tiny weeny bit of downs and waves of ups. Eternally grateful for a trouble-free 18. Looking forward to my 19th birthday because for the first time in the longest time ever, somebody is celebrating it with me!! THANKS HONWEE, IN ADVANCE, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. 


Friday, December 27, 2013

Caught Frozen awhile back, and this song is still haunting me. How is it that Demi's vocal always win my heart over.



If you follow me close enough (oh you stalker, I like you) You would kind of notice that I'm out of... friendship? I have a lot of great friends, who doesn't. I just don't have a best friend/ close friend like many of you. I'm (still) rather bummed out over the last bff-ship I had. When my last bff-ship ended, I was devastated, it was all-time-low for me. I was very much alone. I couldn't even find it in myself to demand a hug from my own pup. When xxx and I met, I was all wrecked up with a terrible 'love' experience, she kind of was too. She would man up and tell me "Crys, you need to stop, you need to stop being people's dartboard, all you ever do is let people hurt you". All I did was sob and stare into her eyes, I wondered if she ever knew how strong of a women she is. We had a great time together. I would camp over at her place and dance to 'shots' on because it was 'our' song. I loved xxx very much.

Everything changed when she decided to get together with her ex-bfie (screw you) I felt horrible, not only because he was taking her time away from me but he was also an asshole. He would cheat on her and stuff, jerk deserves to get his ass jabbed in the most painful and unimaginable way. As a result of her relationship, she started to meet me late in the afternoon and retire for home early evening. Or she doesn't show up at all. I was genuinely upset and disappointed. I know this would sound really weird but I cried myself to sleep on nights that she left me early or don't show up. I knew I always had this certain expectation of how a bff should be, thanks to my first wonderful bff, whom I ruined the friendship with. I tried to expect nothing at all, but even when she is around, her troubled soul would be somewhere else, thanks to the fight that HAS to occur 5 mins before our meet-up. Screw you again bro.   

I knew the friendship would be soon over. The awareness tho, serves no purpose because when we went separate ways, my heart broke in so many pieces it was almost like the the first break-up I ever had to deal with. I hated her. I never wanted to see her ever again. Despite that, I always, ALWAYS, check on her instagram like some crazy stalker I am.. and I would go into this crazy jealous mode on when I see her calling other people "best friend". During one of those mini secondary school reunion, I ignored her when she excitedly waved at me and proceed to talked to the girl behind her instead. I must be the lamest blogger you have ever encountered. But yeah, I did that. I entirely ignored her existence. I was just.... so deep in denial. When I realise that I might lose this friendship for good, I texted her in attempt to get back our friendship, it never worked out, no matter how many times I tried, how many different ways I approached the situation, I just get blocked out all the time. It got so detrimental that H had to convince me to stop hurting myself. :( 

I'm better now. I still get upset every now and then when I see pictures of her bff and her, or as the matter of fact, any other pairs of bffs together. It has been almost a year, I am pretty used to being the 'lone wolf', they call it Omega in Teenwolf *push spectacles up nose bridge*. I'm not hoping it would stay this way tho, because the new year is coming. :) I'm excited about new set of experiences to come + many more new friends....... and hopefully, the one girlfriend that would help me understand why other girls and I just don't click. *hopeful face*


Meanwhile, there is still A LOT of letting go to be done. So..... best of luck to me. And goodnight to you. C. 


Thursday, December 26, 2013



Picture taken awhile back, evidently. Went off to the book store to re-stock some of my pens in preparation for school's reopen, oh how time pass so quickly. Year 1 is ALMOST (3/4) over, I still have a couple of weeks to clock in before I depart to Neverland. Thankfully, my semester ends 2 days before H's enlistment. I'm pretty excited despite how awful Army is said to be.

Yes, yes, I know

  1. Its a relationship graveyard
  2. It's not going to be easy
  3. I'm a wuss that requires a lot of attention. 

But I'm pretty sure that H is all I want, sappy, but still. I'm PREPARED, kind of. but yeah. Ok, I need to stop with the 'but' something. So as I was saying, I'm putting my life back on track and be the goal-orientated Crysy I've always wanted to be and go all out to finish my diploma and accomplish my dream of admitting into a local Uni!! Idek why I sound so excited, its prolly too easy for many of you. O WELL, lucky you cuz I need to work my pigu off for this to happen. Don't pity me yet! I'm a determined bug. 

I'm nua-ing into slumber soon, gotta meet H for morning swim tomorrow!! HOPE I CAN WAKE UP *fingers crossed* Happy boxing day guys! C


Merry Christmas '13

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
Merry christmas! I loveeeee christmas, I just do, although according to H I'm not exactly a very christmas-y person. *pout* My WA, though, is heavily spammed with X'mas messages from everyone to everyone. I got a few thoughtful and personal messages from a few, and it made my day. I don't know about you but having Danial to sing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' and slightly screaming "MERRY CHRISTMAS CRYSTAL" at the end, I think it's very sweet :)

Guys stop spamming in your WA. Instead, wish your closest friends. They will appreciate it, at least, they should! I'm going to Canopy for lunch later with H and the furkid, I love how unexcited she looks right now. Her expression when she learnt that she's going out would be PRICELESS.


Back from Bishan Park, and retired for the day! Ok la, its kinda late already. Cocoa had an excitable day, we ate at Canopy with all the other furkidz. DOGS ARE IN ALL SHAPE AND SIZES!! Here is our lil' furkid whom attracted a fair amount of attention because she's "so cute".

IMG_4293(edit) IMG_4297(Edit)


IMG_4303(Edit) IMG_4313(edit)

THIS IS HOW SHORT MY HAIR IS NOW. My old hair used to be all the way under my boobs *insert really sad face here* (picture below) I guess it prolly look short only because my face is getting fatter... I've been eating without any form of restriction whatsoever. I need to get fit soon!!




And hello, new hairrrr. DO I LOOK OK.


I love this shot of Cocoa (Honwee be like "FINALLY"), it's so.... her.  IMG_4340 IMG_4343


After the meal, I concluded that I hate the whole all day brunch thing. I am going to strike 'Hatched', 'Habitat' and a few more other restaurants I was dying to go, off the list. Food I ate from 'famous' restaurants are either bland or too salty. Maybe I'm ignorant, I order the wrong thing etcetc, but I'd have McD's over this ANYDAY. Poor people food > rich people food.


Maybe I'm meant to be poor. IDK, but kway tiao was more appetising than Egg Benedict. No offence tho, I've been a weird child all my life. Like the other day I drag H down to Strictly's Pancake, and we both ended up wanting to vomit. WE LOVE PANCAKES, it was just.... too much of this, too much of that. O well. The food looks good thou, tadah,




H says "atas food all look good only what no?" I wanted to shoot him an "absurd" expression, until I realise it was true.... well, for our cases that is. C


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I found out that I don't get to write as much as I used to.. That's pretty sad considering how much I write to myself while growing up.  Decided to be more consistent - even if its just one paragraph!



I snipped off my long hair two days ago, it's not That short, but it's not long either. I kinda like it because I met H's family (omg) with my new short hair, and I'd like for them to think of me as a nice gentle lady, altho H kinda knows its not true - roar. O, and I met H's family. IT WAS SO EXCITING, ok, I was so darn nervous. I was pacing back and forth before his parents pick us up. I kept telling H, "YOUR MUM HATES ME" and he kept telling me "they will love you". AND to make things worst, I wasn't even on good terms with mzeeh :< which made me kinda sad becuz she always knew what to do, and I was dying to share the news with her.

P/s: we're okay now, she sent me a cool video about lighting and made me breakfast. *self-five*

............So when I finally got to meet his family, everything turns out okay. I like them a lot. His sister is good with food, and has a subtle sense of humour, like H himself. His parents are really, really sweet. H used to tell me that he wants to be a husband/father like his dad.  Aww. And his grandma looked at me like I'm gold. I feel so precious, is this even legal? I HAD A GREAAAAT TIME. I told H that if we ever start a family together, its gotta be like his. 

That doesn't seem too pushy, huh, no, yes? Yes? Ok, nvm. 

It's christmas tomorrow, I've no plans, no nothing. But this christmas is the BEST, because I already have everything. :) SO, I'm going to just sit around like this puffer fish that I saw in the River Safari last Tuesday! 


I know I don't write relatable shit anymore :( I will start, prolly tmrw if H can't come over. :> See you sweetcakes. 

River Safari

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

HELLO! Went to the River Safari Yesterday with H! Was never really a huge fan of fishes, and I have this love-hate r/s with huge aquariums, but I was quite mesmerized by the size of the animals. I didn't know you can grow fishes 2x the size that you normally see! Panda are cute, but they are kinda of snobbish, I mean, I paid good money to see you, how can you just hide in your den and make me watch you through a CCTV camera?!?! Ok, to be fair, jiajia is really shy, so she kinda hides in her den all the time. No worries if you're popping by though kaikai is a shameless furball - eating non-stop for you to snap pictures of him.



Red pandas are smaller, more active, and more adorable than pandas! They remind me of Cocoa. Zo Kute <3 <3 <3


ANDDDD Piranhas!!! I was quite looking forward to see 'em although I was really afraid the glass would break and they would take over the world etc etc (too much piranha movies). I honestly thought they eat anything they set their sight on, apparently H says that piranhas only eat injured/dying/bleeding animals. They don't really eat human. OKKKK. Sorry, I'm a very, very ignorant person. My general knowledge is almost zero!!


And the thing about them is that.... unlike normal fishes, they rarely swim around, they are really really really really still. YOU CAN TELL FROM THE PICTURE, they are like watching me as I take their picture, prolly plotting my murder. HOLY.


THIS is H's favourite enclosure, I mean, he kinda belongs here. HAHA, ok, seriously, this IS his favourite enclosure, he requested to revisit the enclosure while we were still in River Safari. Squirrel Monkey's enclosure is one of those walk-in enclosure whereby the monkeys can pee on you if they want to.  You can choose to punch it too, no problem, but that is pretty much prohibited. That's how close we were to them! 



Yesterday was a GREAT day, I have a lot of fun and was well taken care of by H - sweetie bought fav drink + sweets for me just in case I was thirsty or hungry during the trip. Too bad that my camera didn't manage to hold out long enough for us to take more pictures! However, the river ride was disappointing!! :'( There was such a big hoo-ha and you had to grab a time-slot early, I WAS REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! Prolly thats why I was disappointed, I had really high expectation of it.  We waited for an hour for a 5 minutes ride, some of the animals are not even in their enclosure, not sure if its just me or... they are not there.


Btw H took this picture and said I was the new addition to the Zoo. I think I should be thankful he said 'zoo' instead of 'freak show'.


The weather was amazing yesterday, no rain at all, I am really thankful for that!   Can't wait for what's next to be ticked off on our list. Till then, C.

2(Date week)

Monday, December 16, 2013


I really want to thank God, the flight and the tour for sending H back to me. With H back in Singapore, we started our 2(Date Week) with all the money we saved initially - remember I talked about saving up for a super luxurious date with H after his A's? We didn't save a lot though because we were constantly spending while we were both studying. x) 


We have A LOT on the list, and I'm praying for a wonderful weather tomorrow, in fact, I'm praying for a great weather for the rest of the month (which is not possible) because I want to visit the River Safari!! :'( And we've a lot of outdoor activities that we want to do! I haven't felt more carefree in the past few months, than I did today. Despite the new found freedom, I would still randomly think about the on-going projects that has yet to be finished and whatnot. Education...................... feels like a burden tonight. O well!!!! PLAY TIME. C




"Inner Beauty"

Saturday, December 14, 2013
Some people are just of shit, I just read a comment about a celebrity blogger, "U're my fave blogger nt juz bc u're gorg, but oso bc u hv inner beauty ♡"  ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 你妈啦 If somebody ugly 'preached' the same theory would will you tell her "omg you're my fave blogger cuz your inner beauty is combusting from your skin?!" If It was me...... it'd totally be "Omg you're my fave blogger b/cuz your chio-ness is beyond Singaporean's average" Pretty say pretty la. Some people just deserve a bowl of cow dung right down their throat. Idek why I'm so agitated. AND I can't publish this to the public because..... i'm supposed to be a sweet lovely girl :< O well.

One Day



Whoop, term test has officially ended, I'm so happy I think I was squealing all the way out of school. I forgot how if feels like to be so..... free~ I'm waiting for my burden to return from his overseas trip before we disappear into the streets for two weeks of true vacation. Time to blow our cash from 'adventure fund'!! Meanwhile.......... :> BOOKS, MOVIES, JOGS AND SLEEP. Will update again tomorrow, and you'll be once again, bombarded with pictures of H and I. Huehue. Ok, I'm going out to get a life. See you. C




Thursday, December 12, 2013

ImageHad my first hot frappe with QL, her cheeks are insanely cute. I think I might have developed some weird liking for 'happy cheeks'. Haven't had such hearty conversation with anyone for the longest time ever. The thing I love about old friends is that, they always bring this warm nostalgic feeling back. "Remember when your belt (our school uniform was a blouse + pinafore) was AT your butt?????" I can't believe how improper I was back then.  

To clarify, I was never the 'wild child', but I wasn't an angel either. 


I love how carefree those days were, 

but I need to start appreciating poly days more before it slipped away from my fingers.



I should prolly stop counting my days and make my days count. STEP. OK WTV. Last paper tomorrow!! So excited x) Nightnight friends. 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013



If it concerns you, I'm wearing a tank top.  

Sometimes I close my eyes and I re-picture scenes from books I've read. Recently I imagined and listened to Elizabeth (from 'How I live Now') as she quietly thought: "The only think I knew for certain was that all around me was more life than I'd ever experienced in all the years I'd been on earth and as long as no one shut me in the barn away from Edmond at night I was safe" Reminds me of how much I miss H :( Here is my own thought, Elizabeth, "as long as nobody force me to stay away from H, I'm happy".  


I'm half way through conquering little giants in form of 1 hour test papers, and I confess, I didn't do a lot of revision whatsoever. So if by any pure strike of luck I get an A for a subject, which I'm hoping for anyway, I only have Lady Luck to thank. Four more days before I get to sink into H's skin and never return, all I've got to do now is "just keep swimming". C



I made H promise me over and over again that he would be back, safe and sound. You know those tragic love drama you watched... when somebody find the love of their life and somehow this jackass truck just has to come and run one of them down leaving the other lost for the rest of their pathetic lives???? Or one of them have to sacrifice just to save another person?!?!?!? Friggin' dramas feeding my paranoia. 


The only happy news H have for me is that......... I'll stop bitching about missing H on Sunday. 












Till then. ---- the school. 



Hell week

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Photo Dec 08, 10 30 01 AM

Hello friends - asdfghjkl, I can never start an entry without feeling awkward.

It's Day 0 for H overseas, and mid-semester test starts tomorrow. I'm on my phone 24/7 just in case H gets a wifi signal and decides to WA me, so clingy I think you all need a barf bag. Meanwhile I'm banking all my emotions/energy into mugging. I used to love mugging and all those little nonsense I do when I was in secondary school. Seems like things has changed. It's kind of nice to hear "See you all next year, and merry christmas" from all the tutors though. Kinda sweet? Like, I might decide to commit suicide because I flunk my MST right, right, right? What makes them so sure they will be seeing me again. They said it anyway.

Got my last piece of pay check yesterday night, can't wait for H to be back so we can go buy a penny board (is it gay for guys to get penny board?!?!), go ice-skating, go to the zoo and EAT NON-STOP. He wants to exercise too, but ew, I am going talk him out of this. I mean..... fats are cute, why be so fit? Ok, I like being fit but I like food too. Like what Jennifer Lawrence said "I can name A LOT of things, that taste better than skinny feels" I probably should stop here. Buaibuaiguise.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday night groove to the light-headed happy peeps. Just lay down and pretend to appreciate, will you?

Cocoa Sunday

Sunday, December 1, 2013

ImageMid-Semester Test (MST) is in a week's time and I'm temporary trapped between four walls. Things progress really quickly in poly. There is another phrase for that, that H like to use...... Ah I remember, "that escalated quickly". I only had to sit for three test papers last semester, now I have to sit for six, half of which requires heavy memory work. Thanks but screw you business jargons, definitions and applications. ANDDDDD....... test on the weekends should be illegal.  I L L E G A L. 


School's nonsense aside, 

Was looking at the people around me, and realise that I'm rather 'cold' - aka 'dao' in the dictionary of teenage language, as a person. I don't like new "Hello"s, I don't smile, and I'm definitely cursed with the 'bitch resting face'. God bless my friends.


At the start of the year, I told myself 101 times to be FRIENDLY. 2013 is ending in 30 days, and I'm still so unfriendly?! Polytechnic definitely didn't change me. Why am I born with the most stubborn face ever. Why does God not at least make my stubborn face prettier? :( 


I'm stuck with Cocoa for awhile now because H is going for a vacation with his family soon :( It's going to be a lonely, hellish week for Ctanzeh. 




Till we meet again, x. 

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble

Today we'll be missing you.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013



Can't wait to immerse myself into H's undivided attention. I want to be soaked, head to toe, with love.



Thanks to school though, my exam starts right after A's. Must be the Universe and fate conspiring against us. Urgh annoying little thing. Haven't been 'living' my life for the longest period of time. Need to get under the sun more often, soon. O well. :(  


Saturday, November 23, 2013


Scrolling Tumblr during lectures is taking its toll on me. :( I'm on Dayre too btw,

Last of,

Friday, November 22, 2013

To the few of you who are genuinely concerned,
I've moved to wordpress!

Clean Slate

Clean Slate

Moved to wordpress because it's not very 'user-friendly', which prevents me from blogging about everything. Yeah.... so you probably won't get to see H's bald head. Might be a good thing though, I can pretend to be one of those cool hippie teen with super short entries and really cool pictures. O well, till then! x