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Monday, September 29, 2014
Photo Sep 28, 10 44 02 PM

A picture of Ashley, once a week, every week.

Well, I kinda of cheated. This week was packed from Monday to Friday I barely have time to hop over to town to meet my princess, so my dad sent me a few pictures and videos of Ashley instead. She is going to celebrate her first month on Earth in another 2 weeks! Can't wait to watch her grow old already.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014
This semester's GPA was so detrimental that it stole my one and only chance of being in NUS. No thanks to my lousy effort, and teachers' "C is very good what!". Fuck you. Nonetheless, I weeped the entire morning. I couldn't stop crying because everything I dreamt of was gone, I had to take that big NUS post-it down my study table because I no longer can tolerate the sight of my failure anymore.  Anyhow, I spent the entire morning searching for a course in NTU (omg Jurong..) that could possibly take this loser's ass for an university experience.

I am sad, but "we don't always get what we want". It's only when you're pushed up against the wall then you can see that... there is always a way out. For some reason I was comforted by the fact that I might still be able to experience uni life. And if I graduate from that ntu, I have a friggin' dip in business and degree in engineering. I'm basically jack of all trades... well, 2 trades.

I guess I'll let future work itself out, and just give my best to school now so that I at least get to go into NTU, regardless of my course. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur anyway. I guess it will take a little longer for to to achieve my life goals.

Hello there,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
If you do not have much time to waste, click on 'blog' on the sidebar to proceed with the latest entries. However if you DO have time to kill... My name is Crystal, mommy told me I was either going to be Crystal or Jasmine. I really liked 'Jasmine', but I don't think I can pull it off because I am not always sweet. My parents divorced when I was REALLY young (nope, not a sob story), years gone by and my father re-married so now I have a precious little sister named Ashley. I love Ashley to bits.

I also own a Shih Tzu named Cocoa (pronounced as 'Coco'). Cuddle puff is really camera-shy, but once or twice I get really good pictures of her. I met Honwee in 2012 and we were best friends ever since, yes we got together a year later, but our friendship never really died. Last but not least, I may (or may not) come off as a feisty individual, but trust me, once we are buddies... U R GNA GROW ABS FROM LAUGHING AT MY INAPPROPRIATE JOKES. Have a great day, my love!

Oh haze, (again)

Monday, September 22, 2014
(Bottom three stickers by @okenak)

I have not forsaken my time with WP, but it's going to be a busy, busy week.

I'd love to take many pictures, if I didn't splurge all my time in return for some petty cash. I will update at once when I find something extraordinary out of the ordinary.


Thursday, September 18, 2014
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A picture of Ashley, once a week, every week.


Monday, September 15, 2014
Photo Sep 14, 10 21 21 PM Weeks ago a group of friends planned a gathering on the 20th, and I didn't dare to ink in my scheduler. Some part of me already knew that in the end nobody would turn up. "don't need a big group to make it happen", I don't get how people always assume that a gathering is cancelled because there are only a few people attending, it was never about the big groups? It is about people setting time aside for YOU, and YOU decide that some thing else is more important.  I think it is rude because you simply have zero respect for people's time.

One of the reasons why I appreciate Honwee is because he told me, "there is no such thing as no time. If you care, you MAKE time". He never went back on his words. When I was studying for O levels, my ex-boyfriend was trying his hardest to get me back. However, when he got into poly, he stopped replying to texts and doesn't have any time to even have a meal with me. His excuse? "Can you please understand, I have school from Mon-Fri, Saturday I have to work and Sunday is meant for family" (exact fucking line) YUP he got a new gf shortly after, and since we weren't together, it was none of my business. Can you imagine all those times I studied alone and waiting on him to text me / ask me out? Guess he better managed his time by ogling at other girls while he tell me "I really cannot live without you". No, I don't hate you because you were one of the reasons why I study alone at McDonald's everyday which ultimately lead me to the love of my life, but you are still an asshole. And I still hope you will fall into poo.

I hate people who waste my time.
If you waste my time, consider yourself out of my life.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Ash ash is probably the only person in the world I've waited the longest for. When the nurse wheel her in, all our hearts melted. She kept yawning and she grab us by our fingers and hug our fingers to sleep. Every time she feels agitated enough to cry, it will never last for more than 10 seconds. "Ash ash cannot cry okie?" she stopped crying like the little obedient girl she is. Or maybe because she is too lazy.

I'm a bit exhausted now because I spent hours at the hospital and work so I'm going to catch a bit of sleep now and see Ash ash tomorrow morning again!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'm so overwhelmed with excitement that I don't feel any exhaustion at all. I bought a couple of clothes for baby Ashley and I can pass them to Stephanie mummy later. It is going to be a crazy day, and I'll feel so torn when I have to go back to work later in the afternoon. I've been waiting for this day for so long, 19 years is quite a gap, no? 

Regardless, since I'm 19 years ahead, I will be able to take care of Ashley when she gets older. I'll probably be the kind of sister that transfers her $500 and ask her to go out and have fun when she's like 15 or something (why not I'm over 30?). Doctor says Ashley has really chubby cheeks, mmm, I can't wait to kiss her cheeks already. 

There are so many things to look forward to?! Bringing Ash to classes, teaching her how to sing, read and play, demanding her to kiss and hug me. I mean really what is there not to look forward to? 

Here I am so elated I want to scream into everybody's ears, "I AM GOING TO BE A SISTER, GUYS!



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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This might get sappy / boring or both.
Today is officially the last day I call myself The Single Child, I've always wanted a sister. I didn't think I needed to wait this long to get one. I remember last year, my dad called me a few hours before Business Accounting 2's class test and I was so overjoyed I didn't bother to revise anymore, which is one of the reason why I didn't do very well for accounting in semester 2. Opps.

I can still recall, months ago, Honwee bickering with me telling me its going to be a baby boy and whatnot. Hey, I would still love my sibling if its Ash instead of Ashley, but sending Ashley to ballet classes will be more interesting than teaching Ash to play basketball. No doubt I'll still love you the same, I am just wildly excited by the choices of clothes I can buy for you? Or braid your hair? Or paint your nails? Oh dear, I love you already.

Life of a single child ends today, and I am ready to eat less of my favourite chocolate so you can have more.
I love you Ashley, see you in less than 24 hours.


Monday, September 8, 2014
IMG_0060 (Black x black
I picked my ass up and grabbed the furball for a thirty minutes slow jog one night because I was in the mood. It was so liberating, I came home wanting to do more. I am not obsessed with being healthy (yet) or skinny. I can still take on a McD's meal ANYTIME of the day. Its just that the act of exercising felt extremely calming, I felt sane. Like I was removing toxins from my body, literally? Cutting down on sugary drinks and doing more grocery shopping, it puts me into a great mood.
I guess we all have to treat ourselves right so our body can recover from the brutality of the accumulated late night's work and exam stress. My only plans for this holiday is relatively simple. Nope, no check-list this time. All I really want to do is read & learn, do my chores, exercise, make food, have fun and spend time with Ashley (yeah, she's coming this Thursday, its a big day).
Oh, and I was doing planks with Honwee the other night and that peacock went into position (he was planking already) without starting the timer and said "when you are ready, we can start". Only proves that Honwee has a better stamina than I do *slight pout*

In case you're wondering

Friday, September 5, 2014

(That one time I wanted to see how fat my ass was... Haha)

I didn't have a very good start to my semester break. In fact, I went to work immediately the next day. I used to have really enjoyable time at Marbleslab with friendly, polite customers. I have no idea why when I worked a few days ago, customers behaved as though they were satan re-birth?

Gave myself an off day today, I had enough of dealing with people's BS from yesterday. I probably dazed my day away, because the only thing I remembered doing was eating and watching 21st Jumpstreet, before H and group managed to convinced their sirs to give them liberty, which sent Honwee flying into my arms.

My day was then made well. Did the laundry like an old lady and ran like I was a lad (yes I know it means young boy).

I could get used to this, but I foresee a busy week ahead after the weekends!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Everything was right, even the fishes followed us while we walked alongside the lake. It was a beautiful day despite the rain, and I wished I had an eternity with you. 

Night festival



Photo Aug 29, 7 52 46 PMPhoto Aug 29, 7 51 48 PM


It was magical, I felt as though I walked into one of my dreams. I watched a little girl dance with the lights and had the bestttt beef wrap ever? The band was playing songs from my childhood and it was easily one of the best night I've had. Hands down.

And then it rained. 
To be more precise, it poured

Bf grabbed me and ran to the nearest shelter, and by then we were already soaked from head to toe. It was less than an hour and all that I was left with are these pictures I captured while waiting for Honwee to return with the BEST beef wrap ever. 

Nonetheless, I had fun.

Is it greedy if I tell you I crave for more nights like these? Honwee and I are best friends and lovers. Sometimes more best friends than couple, vice versa. However, that night everything seems to balance. BTW, we are going to do a couple tag this weekend, I'd ask you to suggest a few questions but I know my stalkers are shy people. 

One more thing, 
baby Ashley is coming in this September. I can't wait for my bundle of joy.