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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today I learned that not everybody is going to love your annoying quirks. ‘Quirk’ might sound like a cheeky yet charming trait, but really there is more to those five-letters word. I can be really annoying, but that is how I am and how I love. The more I love you, the more annoying and sarcastic I am towards you. I’ve come to realise that a healthy friendship should not live on a mountain of tolerance but love. And if there is a part of me that you dislike then naturally our friendship can only maintain on a superficial level. I can never be real and intimate with you without annoying/hurting you. That’s the truth; and that’s okay. I honestly feel that to stop hurting you and worsening the friendship, I’ll have to let go of the title of your 'best friend'. There is so much tolerating going on and I am extremely affected whenever you are not happy with me over something I did. Tonight I put whatever we had to sleep but know that I will still love and care for you like I do for any other friend.

Note to self: tone down and don’t hurt anyone else!

Ok no more sad entries, I promise!!
c.t. //

It’s a date,

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hi Gena. A quick photo before she wanders off to Somerset.

H and I went on a MAKI-SAN date!!
I never thought I’d say this, but I soooo hooked. If it’s $4 I would eat it every single day of my life.

Thanks Hon wee for taking time out. I love you so much. 

I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’VE BEEN TO MAKI-SAN..? But I recall this one time when I actually dissuaded Honwee from eating at Maki-san because I didn’t know how to order and was terrified of us making a fool of ourselves. Now I just want to laugh at how silly I was because it is really simple:

It’s fuss-free and ideal for people who doesn’t like to um converse with strangers. Just write, submit, pay and collect. If you are curious what ‘sizes’ there are, I added another picture below: 

Purely for your info ok, this is not an adv. I repeat, THIS IS NOT AN ADV. 

I didn’t really thought about the outcome of my chosen combination (soy wrap, brown rice, chicken floss, teriyaki sauce?!?) but it turned out really good! Honwee don’t dig the whole brown rice thing so he went with the traditional Japanese white rice and wrap. 

Loved it at first bite, still loving it when I had my last. 8 pieces was more than enough for me thanks to my ridiculously small appetite but Honwee was still looking for (more) food after Maki-san, so I assume its safe to say that maki-san is more of a snack than a meal? 

Here is Honwee’s favourite ‘hamster’ picture of me devouring my sushi. Happy advance mid-week, friends!


Good ol’ days

Monday, June 22, 2015

I promised for this to be a happier place and I broke it tonight. Here to compensate with a few old, but gold photos of Honwee, Cocoa and I brimming with joy. I guess old photos are made for tough days. Days when you forgot how happy you can choose to be. 

I can’t sleep,

(I do not own this picture -

Initially I was exhausted to the bones, I wanted to bed myself and drift off immediately. Now I’m just sitting here, overwhelmed by how discontent I am with the life I am living. I only look forward to dancing and maybe coming home to the tail-wagger. Nothing else. I want to be delirious. To have a say in which direction I want my life to flow. When I ask for something, chances are, I want the truth. I want to improve. I want to do better, and that itself seems too far-fetch for some people?

I cannot sleep.

I don’t want to entertain the idea that I will have to be in school with a bruised soul, pardoning people for their lack of sensitivity. I am trying to smother this introvert inside of me so I could at least go on for 4 hours with dying so much inside. I want to be happy. I want to be excited about life. I want to make the right decisions, at the right time. I want people to be nicer to me, and help me to be a nicer person myself. Some nights I just need a little extra love and it seems like tonight I have none.

Dying trade

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blogging is dying trade, the only real reason why I am still here is because I have too many unpublished photos and uncensored thoughts. I've never in a million years expected myself to be so busy during the holidays. Whenever I spend time frolicking a wave of guilt would hit me. At the back of my mind, somewhere, some work is left untouched. I am not sure if that is healthy, but I try to achieve a greater flexibility in managing school work and CCA.

Ever so grateful for close friends, puppy and Honwee. I don't know how I manage this insanity myself. On the other hand, the dance team have been extremely kind and tolerant towards me whenever I choose school work over dance. I cannot write a decent entry with my meagre time on the internet. So I will leave you with this.

Somebody precious is going to celebrate her birthday soon, and perhaps then I’ll be able to squeeze in an entry on how I usually make birthday cards?????? R U INT?  AM I LAME? Gon’ do it anyway. Deciding to update my space on a weekly basis with a photo of the week and a little summary. How ‘bout that? Good? Till then, BKTY. c.t.

I've been thinking

Monday, June 8, 2015
If there is one thing I could do right now to possibly change the way I live is definitely to devote more time into being genuine. "Be true to yourself" and be firm in your thoughts, actions and decisions. I love people too much to be an introvert; the last thing for them is to feel uncomfortable. 

I guess I'll have to work a little harder towards that. 

Penultimate MST

Friday, June 5, 2015

(Cocoa is not that bad at modelling eh, just a little stiff!)
Penultimate Mid-Semester Test (MST)? I'd like to think that I've work additionally hard for this year's papers. The relief was tantamount to finishing a National Examination. I don't remember feeling as accomplished as I did when I completed my O levels – Honwee says that it was because I had to give up my social media for MST.

My gibberish and I. I realise that writing in initials really does save a lot of time, especially for those papers that are 100% memory work. Thanks to whoever who taught me that. And cheers to lecturers who give out hints for upcoming papers.

Oh and I never really noticed how my flooring are actually lilac marble prints. So, so pretty (after many, many years...)! Will keep this space updated. Till then, be kind to yourself. c.t.