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Sleep a little earlier

Monday, September 28, 2015

I don’t think I can emphasise this enough, but when you have that extra time to make up your face in the morning, you’ll be able to breeze through the Monday blues. 


Reality Check: 
- Still coughing 
- Can’t start jogging because of the haze 
- Can’t start ANY cardio because of the haze 
- Trying to eat before 8pm but reaches home at 7:59pm aft intern
- Haven’t done anything remotely meaningful throughout my intern period. 
- Didn’t read AT ALL
- Didn’t touch any of my drawing materials
- Didn’t stretch 

I WILL START DOING SOME OF THESE THINGS TOMORROW, you know, just to fully utilise this period. Jiayou for the week!! 


See ya,

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I kept telling myself that I cannot let ‘fate’ dictate my three months of absolute youth, but so far I have yet to do anything to help myself out of this situation. I refused to rot and let my dreams die; so work I will. 


Unfair we’re not somewhere misbehaving for days. 

Massive Throwbacks

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I have too many entries on draft because I could not find the time to properly materialise all my memories. This was one hectic period!! Projects followed tightly by examinations, Oomph performance and now internSHIT. Putting everything in one entry could possibly be very, very  b o r i n g, but I’ll try! School ended with us trying to co-ordinate our OOTD – which as you can see became a monochrome party. Very grateful to have spent time with the girls!

Gena’s Birthday, 
This was the Wednesday before exam week, I’ve never really planned a surprise birthday for anybody so it was a great experience. I even found new ways to ‘wrap’ a birthdat gift. I am quite shy about what I wrote on the paper bag so I will just.... give you sneak peek of what I did.


B/w to hide picture quality! Anyhow this was the Friday before exams. I hesitated about tagging along because 1) My exams was next week 2) I really wanted to go?!?! I caved in after so... here you see Crystal at Timbre with possibly only 40% preparedness for what’s coming. Thankssss for dedicating songs for me when I shamelessly asked for it. I appreciated it because you got the most charming singer to sing me a song.


Study date with Raichu, 
I guess this counts as something that is interesting? Rai and I went to study at Starbucks although she does not like starbucks at all. T___T So nice. We had dinner together as ‘Talented Trio’ later on when Honwee came over. It was a sinful day. 

Yeah.... we went to have udders after starbucks + habitat coffee dinner. 

Singapore Night Fest (SNF), 
This was in-between exams. Honwee and I chanced upon SNF last year but did not managed to fully enjoyed it because we didn’t really know what it was and it poured. 

This was last year’s: 

This year’s:

WE WENT BACK FOR THIS. NO REGRATS, we love it!! Wouldn’t mind eating it for every meal. 

As you can see, I got lazy to colour correct the rest of the photos. 

Make-your-own-burger @ AMK hub

Tried this with Honwee and..... I didn’t like it. I am so boring even my taste buds are boring, I really did not know how to appreciate the meal. Other than that, everything else (e.g. service) was great!

Semi-healthy day with Shanz,


I love working out with Shanz because she’s so disciplined!! Every time I meet her I have half the mind to drop whatever workout plans we have and just chill. But every single time she’s like: “COME LET’S GO WE TALK FOR 4 HOURS ALR!!”

My legs were already sore from Oomph performance training so... it didn’t matter but she said hers ached quite badly which means YAY leaner legs for both of us! 

That being said... 
most of my time was dominated by 

Oomph training, 

Two days before the training we had a 5-hr training. I DIED. It was fun while it lasted, I loveeee my group from the choreographers to the other inspiring dancers. I used to roll my eyes when people say they put in “sweat and blood” for something because most of the time it is just a figure of speech. BUT WE REALLY PUT IN TEARS, SWEAT AND BLOOD. I still have abrasions and bruises from the trainings. It was great. I enjoy every moment of it, including the ones when Carmen/Alan/Kat put us through ding dong PT. I’ll miss the modern niggas *sobs forever* 

Oomph Performance, 

The photographers took great pictures, I even had a ‘solo’ moment. Kudos guys! 

Big thank you to my friends + family for rushing down after work/intern or putting overseas plan aside to accommodate me. I didn’t enjoy receiving flowers but they got me flowers anyway because it’s kind of a tradition? I am very sad now because they are already dying :( Anyhow Raichu got me cakes!!!!!! SO that made me really happy. Because I can eat cake, and I don’t have to throw it away. 

Modern Niggas: The 12 piece nuggets and MaCarCar. 

Ashley’s First Birthday, 
Went down to my dad’s to celebrate Ash’s birthday!!! Can’t believe it has been a year since Ashley had this newborn baby smell that I absolutely adore. I couldn’t stop smelling Ashley!! Ok wait, I need to show you how much she has grown. 

O n e   y e a r   a g o . . .  

O n e   y e a r   l a t e r . . . 


It was a fantastic day, she grew a little distant from me because I don’t see her as often as I did before. She was only okay with me after her little nap. At 1, Ashley loves anything upbeat. She would wiggle when I play ‘Uptown Funk’. She would “act cute” with her head tilts and do the ugly pig face when requested to. She has four teeth, 2 on the top and 2 below. I haven’t heard her clearly said anything yet but once in awhile she would surprise us with an almost inaudible “jiejie”, “mama”, “bu yao”. ‘Bu Yao’ simply means “don’t want”. Which was used quite aptly used because Honwee was blowing into her face at that time and she hated it. 

But we chose not to acknowledge it yet because she only said it once; which we concluded was by chance. We don’t want to over-exaggerated Ash’s “achievements”. I am already very proud of her when she boogies. CUTEST. HUMAN. BEING. EVER. So proud of you. Thinking of which dance course to send her to already *tiger sis*. I kid tho, don’t slam me. 

Satur-date with Honwee, 

I asked Honwee to help me to take an OOTD, but I end up looking like those korean actress that always gets bullied in the plot. So I gave up.  

KOALA-TY TIME, yay!! My hectic schedule finally slowed down to just chilling with Koh Hon Wee. I GUESS that’s the end? I felt like I’ve written everything under one breath. I hope I didn’t bore you out. I am having internship now but I was told to not disclose anything... so I guess all I can say is that, we are having training everyday and I learnt quite a lot. My intern friends (some of which are from different departments) are hilarious and we would go out and have lunch occasionally. I feel like I can get used to this, other than the fact that I do not have much freedom – time wise. 

See you all again!!! 
If i have any grammatical or spelling error... PLEASE CLOSE ONE EYE THANKS. 



Thursday, September 3, 2015

School is out and I have slightly less than a week of playtime before internship starts. So, ready or not, here I come!!

P/s: Yeah, some of the buttons are not working. Yet. I’ll clean up the mess I made.


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