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Friday, November 27, 2015

I am officially a free soul; never felt so chained to something. I enjoyed the company and whatnot, but banking is not really what I wanted. I was promised a boring, administrative job. BUT MY JOB WAS TOUGH AS SHIT, I’ll probably share that in a later post after I vet it for 1000000 times (banking secrecy). Prepared a little something for my colleagues who were nothing but kind. 

I really felt that this internship held me down because there were many things that I couldn’t do due to energy-demand and time constraints. It makes me sad especially when I have no time to practice for dance. Having Clarice leave us mid-way through the semester made it worst. Everything felt like it was out of my control. Even when I am able to head back to school to train, I’ll always be late. 

On top of that, my mum decided that November would be a good month to move place... basically, my houses are in a mess, there is dust everywhere with most of my belonging chucked in brown boxes that are so far up in the store that you start to consider whether picking everything out is worth the trouble. 

Moving houses and having limited time also meant that I don’t get to see Cocoa as often. It’s heartbreaking, really. I am just really excited now that I can proceed on with life to get my bed and move in to this new place with my pup. Although it would be quite a travel for Honwee and I in the future but I like to believe that traveling is good! Will explore Punggol together with Honwee possibly next week before all the families start moving in. 

And as for my online productivity, I will... clean up the layout and do an entry (soooooon) on how I met Honwee since somebody requested for it on (I loved talking about it for some reason because it really is a string of coincidences and a strong foundation of our friendship) and also mostly the things I learnt while on internship.