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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bed face wants to say "HI!" 

It's the mid semesters, I am not sure why, but everybody seems to be so distracted. Last month of being a student, I am going to embrace this feeling before everybody flood me with the "so are you going to university?" IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT. OKBYE *RAGE QUIT*

Kidding. I am not going... yet. I believe there is a time and place for everything. University is a rite of passage for a lot people, but its not for me as of right now. 1) I honestly still don't really know what I want to do? I don't want to go for something just to get into something. I don't want to waste my parents' money like that. 2) My gpa is too low to go anywhere anyway. Probably just going to suck it up when I see all my friends post orientation pictures etc I might cry like how I did when everybody went to JC and had so much fun and TP biz orientation was just.. shitty. 3) due to very obvious reasons my dad don't have to capability to fund his 大女儿 (eldest daughter) anymore. Ashley is growing up really fast and we need to allocate resources wisely. Of course I will further my studies when I am clear of what I want to do in life and when I have the funds to! No worries, if all else fails I will force Honwee to marry me *grin* 

This is an interesting week despite being jam-packed from Monday to Friday and I am so excited to share what happened!! 

1. I passed my driving test 

AHHHHHH, I JUST WANT TO SCREAM. Driving lessons are painfully frustrating!!!!!!!! I failed my first test because I was so overwhelmed by nerves, I was very clouded and made a lot of mistakes on the way. I hit the curb TWICE, after which my heart gave up and I calmed down. It was very much evident when the tester asked "Oh you seem ok now", I laughed and replied "fail alr ma" and he politely laugh it off. 

I think driving is a very humbling experience for me because I learnt to really just shut and not react whenever. I only wanted to pass and I didn't care what they thought of me. My instructor scold me a lot and he is very insistent on certain things that makes me uncomfortable (e.g. offering to help me rub my bruises, massages...) I really learnt to suck it up, go home and rant at Honwee. 

Passing the test actually feels so unreal. 

You mean I can REALLY drive on the road now?!?!?!?!!?!? Are you sure there isn't another test I need to take before my license? I am not ready for the road. Honwee says it's why we still have the 'parent test' to pass. If you haven't passed your driving test, or don't have friends who passed their driving test. The Parent's test usually meant that your mum/dad would tag along during the initial driving phase. They will give you more useful tips and help you gain confidence on the road. I've heard papa Koh guide Honwee many times and now Honwee is actually a pretty steady driver. Too bad my mum don't have a car and my father cannot let me try it out on his taxi (I don't want him to risk the rice bowl like that).  

2. Creating my very own nook! 

Before: this is how it looks like before the rearrangement. For those who don't know I don't actually have my own room because my poor mother have a tight budget and could only afford a 2 room flat! However she so kindly clear out a lovely corner for me to dwell in. 

P/s: sorry it's a little messy because I have my mid-semesters and everything is everywhere. I cleaned it up already, don't worry. 

After: I am not sure if you can tell the difference but I actually moved my clothes rack out and my study table (which not captured in either picture bc im sitting right infront/beside it) in. Since the rack is movable, I can create this little divider from the main living room bc you know.. my mum's bf usually come over to fetch her to work and it's very weird when I'm still in slumber (imagine drooling with messy bed hair...) 

 I also tried to rearrange the clothes in gradient to their colours! Since I am not a perfectionist I ended up lumping all the similar colours together, forgetting entirely about the gradient effect that I wanted to achieve. Aiya, we give some and take some.

Maybe I'll update about how my little nook is coming along and this time probably get a better picture on that! 

3. Discovering the magic of wide lens 

I am so angry that I didn't discover this earlier, I was looking at Wengie's YT channel and came across to one of the videos where she found out that wide lens actually make her face look slimmer (slimmer = better!!!!) I tried it out instantly because I remember I have a wide lens for mobile phones that mama and papa Koh got for me when they went overseas. 


I don't want to experiment it with my face bc I hadn't wash up at that moment so I used my plushie to show you. 

Without lens: 
I must say, i6s camera quality is insane. I love how the details come in so sharp, 

With lens: 
Same angle, but so so much smaller. I am amazed. However like Shan mentioned in our private convo, the lens actually blur out the quality so much *infinite pout*. Fortunately I am not too much of a quality picture, best it blurs out my flaws *smirk. 

4. I love Bakkwa 

I think everybody knows this? 
Oh, you all better know this its a well-known fact! 

I love this so much, its the only reason why I look forward to CNYs!!!!!!!! My father used to sneakily let me eat them for breakfast, and it was one of my fondest memories with my dad. I guess that's why I love it sooooo much. So can you imagine what happened when Honwee surprised me with a small box of them? 

I was so touched, I cried. 

Have you watched videos of people receiving puppies as present? Yeah, dats me. I didn't know why either, I was just very overwhelmed by gratitude and love THAT I CRY. Even I am shocked, let alone Honwee. It's a funny memory, that I want to keep it with me forever, that's why I am sharing it here. Please. Don't. Judge. Me. I. Am. Still. Quite. Cool. A. Person. If. You. Know. Me....... actually no, please don't get to know me, it's going to be a lot worst. 

That's all for the week, I really enjoyed writing thissssss makes me happy. See you next weeek, or somewhere inbetween the week if I have any interesting things to share. 

21st Birthday

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Is it Crystal's 21st? 

Yaas, I celebrated my 21st on the 15th (a week after my actual) and invited all my close friends/family over! I made sure to invite everybody in groups so they at least have people they know. 

SO.....I planned mine really late, 
I cannot explain the kind of fluster I experienced especially when I had to book a place to host the event. B i g   m i s t a k e. Honwee took over the planning mid-way and I think he regretted, big time! He was so anxious for the past few weeks leading up to this big day and he wanted the best for me. 

There were a lot of logistics that I mindlessly missed out because I wasn't thinking straight like decorations, collection of the food spread, where my photobooth is going to be, how is the whole things supposed to be, what are the games they can plan. I planned none, and there is only so much that Honwee can do. 

Nonetheless, it was one of the best celebrations I had because I never really actually go all out for my birthday celebrations before so this was a great experience, BUT NO MORE PLS. 

Hehe, see I got help do work one okay. 

Very thankful for the free labour that Honwee conveniently 'hired' over. To think that they weren't even invited in the first place... Honwee's friends are the best people to call along because they are very entertaining by nature (except when they h2h or talk abt army cuz I'm not in their clique and I am not a national-serving army boy), they are also very helpful and have great suggestions! Thank you, boys! 

And if you need me to spell it out for you... yesssssss venue was booked at Lloyd's Inn. 

They do have a no-party policy, and I do not know what possess me to actually just went ahead with it despite reading reviews of their staff chasing guests away. In the end, Honwee went over to inform the staff that there will be quite a few guests coming and they merely told me that they all have to leave by 10pm. Which was do-able for me because I told me guest that party ends 9-10pm. 

I supposed if you are not too noisy/destructive it's okay? 

Be sure to bring some cakes over to your neighbours to be on their good side! Honwee and I brought cupcakes up for the staff because I've seen a few of them there for the entire day already and I hope they enjoyed it. 

I was quite sad that there weren't a lot of pictures because I only had 1 photographer, Jimm haha, and he was too busy helping me take the group shots he didn't have the time to go around and help me take pictures of people at the party –– POOR PLANNING. 

See la Jimm.... haha kidding. 
But honestly... I didn't make the backdrop so that I can take all my photos in small groups. I just wanted everybody to eat and have fun. I wanted pictures of my guests eating, talking and of course of little ashley playing around. I thought if people wanted to take photo with me at the backdrop, they would have asked, don't need to force everybody in. Unless its the cake cutting! The pictures on the bed were far more stunning. Evidently so, 

Such a waste. 

Anyway, if you need to know, I themed my birthday The Great Greek Mythology, since it was always one of my favourite. And if the search for my outfit fails, I can always wear back my prom dress... haha, yes my prom was themed greek as well. Let me show ya. 

LOL, at this point of time Hw and I were merely friends and I remember spamming his inbox about the event serving chicken bakwa – I love bakwa. 

Ok, I digress, I am very glad I asked my parents to bring Ash to the party, cuz guess who helped me entertain the girls?? 

Apparently everybody fell in love with this little grumpy monster, and she was very well-behaved! I heard she even boogied when they play some songs for her. She kept giving high-fives and the girls absolutely love it. So thanks xiao (little) Ash, 1 year old and you know how to help lessen jiejie's (sister's) burden already! 

I am not going to bore you with my mundane group shots, those are reserved for my friends who wants their photos. but I just want to thank this very special person who helped organise from head to toe, and the person that loses his mind when something turn out not-so-good. 

Yes, thank you beeb. It's amusing how many times we scream at each other over the birthday party. It's the only time you ever got frustrated with me and I thought it was hilarious. Sorry I cannot keep a straight face when you 'scold' me for fooling around, you're too cute. 

And also my big big family who came down, even guiding my friends up to Lloyd's inn for me. If you cannot tell, I actually got my family to all wear black! Although some people came in black anyway and ruin that for me *insert sulking face*  

As for the food.... since catering is not allowed at Lloyd's Inn, Honwee and I went to get a lot of yummies: plain vanilla's cupcakes, ritzapplestrudel's cream puffs and eclairs, pizza, and Lady M cake! I understand that people usually get pretty fondant cake for their birthdays for the visuals and whatnot, but I really wanted my friends and family to eat the cake!! You know how sometimes when you have cake and people do not want them?! Luckily for me, everybody took at least a slice, and kudos to those that went for more. 

And my birthday wish was that.... 

everybody would always be this happy.


Thanks everybody, 

for making this a memorable one. 

10th Year

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello, just in case you need to remember how I look like – barefaced. Sorry, I had to angle my face to make it look slimmer. Anyhow, to be really honest, I have a few entries on draft but I just don't know how to piece it together. After writing for a good 10 years (oh god), I actually forgot how to start an entry or write anything? Sometimes I feel that it's the paper chase that dull all my senses on all the things I used to enjoy. I was so petrified when my friends told me to draw a comic for our project, my hands were shaking. I haven't drawn anything for the longest time ever. Not that I am a very good artist or anything, it's just one of my hobbies.

I haven't got to read anything too, that's bad. And you know that's bad when you have to thesaurus for new words because your project has proved that your vocabulary is severely under capacity. Hmm... right now, all my friends are planning courses for university and I think.... I am taking a gap year. Well, I haven't given much thought on it yet, if I dwell any longer I might gouge my eyes out. It has been immensely stressful, I am very sure all those transiting into university/college are. I just don't know what I want to do in life. It's not like I haven't confronted myself with this question. There are times I sit in the bus thinking for the entire 30 minutes ride to school what I should be doing in the future.

Complaining always takes this certain positive energy right out of me. So I refuse to continue. Let's go for something lighter! Since like I mentioned, it's my 10th year writing (ever so unimpressively), I shall show you WORST writings. The oldest entry I could get is from 2009.. so I apologise if it is not embarrassing enough for you, I'll try my best to dig for cringe-worthy entries.

2009, May
"Blogging is getting boring. Maybe due to some geeky genes in my acting. Try to cut out the emotional thing that I wanted to blog. But Crystal cannot attract attention okay? :3 Heh.

2009, July – ok I cringed at this!
"So, I go to pub @ the age of 13. And no one caught me. ^^"

2010, Jan – it's as tho I didn't grow
"I'm very happy for _____! Lao niang help get number one leh, so I helped. So, YAY, Crystal rocks man, like whoo. "

2010, Dec – Boom, english no more. 
"I think my money will be like BOOOM. No more. 

2011, Dec – ah, this is nostalgic 
Hope till then I would still have that 'face' to tell you my results. 
Why must it be 2:30 PM and not AM? 
#talkingtomyself. "

2012, Jan – actually I still talk like that now in 2016, and ah, a convenient excuse that I still use at this age.
"Ooh, crashing syndrome, aka, the-hype-after-being-really-tired-and-probably-crashing-into-a-coma-after-the-hype. Hello my fellow no-life readers, I bet you all are here because you all had nothing to do and suddenly "ding", you remembered me. Or maybe you're just a faithful reader. (That would be really sweet) " 

"So, school has started, which explains my disappearance from cyberspace."

That's enough cringing for a day, I've come to realise that my style has always been this chirpy little imp blabbering away coupled with a few badly taken selfies (ah... it still is.. *refers to current entry) that I honestly thought was model-worthy *sobs fat tears* I hope the years hadn't erode my youth and chirpiness away, and also maybe it's time to realise that I do need time to take care of myself, to indulge in the things that once bring me joy. These are just today's thoughts, I don't know what tomorrow will bring, so... goodnight! 

Love, c.t.  

Sunday Blast

Monday, January 18, 2016
On a Monday morning at 3 a.m.
I am crazy, I know, I celebrated my birthday at Lloyd's Inn this week and GOD I love that place.

I'd talk more about it but the pictures are not ready yet and I have many submissions on hand so... another day? Here's a little something something tho. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and its already for sale on my carousell page. It was so formal, people asked if I am getting married *insert poker face* 

Meanwhile, I am back to school, back to my reality. 
So.. :( See you. 

Funday Blast

Sunday, January 10, 2016


So, I thought I'd put in a little more consistency to document the parts and parcel of my life. Sounds mundane already, I know,  but I will still urge you to put your trust in me while I go through the moments of the week! Every Sunday, I'll consolidate a few things: 1) Things I've learnt 2) Feelings that I felt and 3) Raw thought process. I promise to be as true as possible. 

So, let's begin! 

It's a date with the tinsel rack today, I actually L O V E blogshops. My only problem is that some of their gorgeous items are not in my size, sobs. TTR is having their warehouse sales, and the queue was already insane at 1130am (their event starts at 1pm). While most girlfriends dragged their boyfriends along, Honwee was quite excited to go because he wanted to redeem the goodie bag. He calls the rest "poor souls" while he enjoy his wait in the name of 'cheap thrill'. As if I will buy that story, I strongly believe that he is there because I wanted to go. 

We had a great time chatting. Great company is important if you are going to be stuck with the person for quite some time. 

and I bagged $100 worth of clothes, two of which are gifts to my dearest girls! We also managed to be the top 150 customers so we get a goodie bag. The items included are very boring for Honwee, but to me it felt like a birthday present. I love it. 

and if you follow my instagram... this is a thing between us. Currently the scores after the incident in this picture is Crystal:1 Honwee:2 -____- I am a sore loser, going to get my revenge ASAP. 

It has been a semi-productive day, purchases-wise, I found a dress which I feel matches the theme for my birthday celebration! Actually I am having second thoughts now, but I feel that this is the closest I can get for anything grecian. Well, technically I also mentioned that anything whitexbrown would do so.... 

Ok I do not mean to be abrupt, but I've only started documenting the things yesterday so this is all the materials I have for now! I wish I am more prepared. Since it's my birthday celebration the coming week, I will definitely have more to write about, I am looking forward to next week. SEE YOU AGAIN  c.t.

Quiet 21

Friday, January 8, 2016

Thankful for all the personal msg, especially those that makes me want to grab the nearest box of tissue. Thankful and grateful to have Honwee waiting outside my house for close to an hour just so he can be the first person to kiss and cheeks and wish me a happy birthday. He makes me feel like I am so goddamn special, I am so happy for this day because if I was never born, or born to a different family/time I wouldn't have met Honwee and receive so many good things in my life. I really do feel like a princess, having a live band to sing to me and have so many cakes to finish!! 

Also very thankful that I am able to hold my 21st birthday celebration at Lloyd's inn next week, with so many people RSVP-ing. It's a happy problem, but I am genuinely concern about the space limitation. Thankful for my poly mates to bring down a balloon pug (!!!!) I don't really fancy big helium balloons with "21st" or "happy birthday!" they have definitely done it right with the floating puppy balloon because its so cute. Sadly I have to hang it up on my clothes rack because Cocoa is terribly paranoid with another floating dog around. 

So grateful for all the right people in my life, people whom I know I can love and trust without them disliking me for my sharp tongue and playful nature. I love you all the most and I feel extremely blessed and honoured when you all choose to seek solace in me, because you all don't know just how important you all are to me. I have always wanted close friends, but couldn't find any. I blame it on speaking without thinking. Years later I have my own close friends who I can carry with me through my life and are equally sharp tongued. Thanks for being real with me. 

So grateful that my mum bought me out for dinner because this is a special day for her too.. to think that she had to endure the pure tearing pain of child birth because she took too long to consider whether she wants to the jab or not. It was a struggle, it must have been a struggle. And poof, I am 21 already. A woman on my own, with a lovingly boyfriend. I like to think that some part of her is proud that I am who I am. Although she always, always pick on me for the littlest thing. I strongly think that, that has nothing to do with our mother-daughter r/s. 


Ushering '16

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello from the GF sorority club, member count is currently still two. Hoping to increase by the end of the year since the boys are going to embark a new phase in their lives!

We are crashing Kong's house this year and WHOA WHERE GOT HOUSE SO BIG ONE. We are all very convinced that he is actually disgustingly rich, to which he vehemently denied. It is arguably one of the best count down so far!! The food were yummy and the best thing about this clique is that they don't treat me as Honwee's shadow. I am more than a plus one, I am a member. They would help bring me food from the BBQ and consider me whenever they are doing anything (e.g. what kind of alcohol to buy, what kind of food blah blah). I feel like one of them.

We have a special guest this year sitting in our countdown and that is Jack Russell, Jacky *insert many hearts emoji* He is an absolute sweet heart although I caught him gnawing me when he gets too excited. 

Honwee got a little too excited with Shan's selfie stick and wouldn't stop snapping photos. Poor shan must have had a lot of work to send all the photos out before deleting them! 

and... it was great! We played One Night and Avalon the whole entire night, everybody lasted till 7a.m. in the morning. If you ever played Avalon, you should know that the game itself creates a lot of mistrust and arguments. Our game can last for 10 minutes and for the next 30 minutes we will all be arguing. Everybody was so into the game, competitiveness at its best. 

All for a good laugh.

I love countdown this year, remarkably started 2016! 

Thanks guys, I hope there will always be more of us!