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Honwee's 21st!

Monday, March 28, 2016
My blog is becoming a nest for the 21st celebrations. This, however, is the most important of celebrations because it's Honwee's! He doesn't really give a rat ass about his 21st, so his parents planned a little something for him. So here is Honwee entering adulthood...

in the most childish way possible. 

Yes. He climbed the stairs from the back. and I quote "I've always wanted to do this since the day we board the ship". Now, I know I am stalked to death by the new recruits not because 'Instructor's girlfriend chio af', but because they want to peer into my social media to catch a glimpse of what their sarcastic instructor is like outside NDU, outside his instructor's role. SO.... I shall not attempt to embarrass Honwee any further. If not he is going to complain to me about how his unglam pictures are the recruit's whatsapp group photo. 

Needless to say, the Kohs and I were on a cruise holiday!!! I am not necessarily fond to the idea of being contained on a ship without wi-fi (sigh no.2) and on the sea. The sea has always been this hauntingly beautiful figure that I would prefer enjoying from afar. I mean, haven't you watched Titanic? I am aware that I am being silly, so I plucked whatever little courage I have and board the hugeass ship as open-minded as possible. 

Here is one, whom is said to be a carbon copy of Honwee. 

and the love-givers of my favourite siblings at Cenang Beach (one of the stops at Langkawi)! 

and here I am. With the groggiest of mind from bump-in week and GEM performances which ended a day before our cruise trip. Hence I was sleep+energy deprived most of the time. I just wanted to rest as much as possible which made things really difficult on the ship because well, you are on a ship... go explore!!! It's not everyday you get to board a marvellous fleet with swimming pools, restaurants, KTV lounge etc. 

DAY1: Food.. all the way. 

Chinese cuisine buffet for lunch! There were so much to eat that I lost all interest in food photography by dinner. It never ends. At this point, we were still very much at dock. And then.. it moved. 

The night on the ship was even more magical than we thought. It was one of the quieter moments where we walked around the top deck marvelling at the lights, sea breeze and harmonious chuckles... this is a lot like Titanic to me, but I am trying to not be a psychotic b*tch.  

Day 2: Ship exploration + Penang 

Since the entire ship was air conditioned, it really got to us like... Zzz. Actually only the weaker of five of us (aka mh+me) were struggling to get up for b'fast. After much coaxing and threatening, we left our cabin. And the Z-monster continues it relentless attack. 

 Very evidently... 

When I successfully defeated z-monster and obliged to follow loverboy to explore the ship... I almost got beaten by the sea breeze. It was so strong!! Here are a few exaggerated evidences: 

UM... haha, okay here is a more accurate depiction. 

The wind gave Honwee a new hairstyle. 

We managed to find a spot just outside our cabin to take nice pictures, it was such an amazing view we couldn't resist spamming the camera. 

"Must do the looking-afar pose!!" *proceeds to point into the sea of... nothing*.  AND WHY THE HELL IS HE SO RIDICULOUSLY PHOTOGENIC, HE DON'T EVEN ASPIRE TO BE A MODEL?!!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?


In this picture you can see that I am trying to get a shot with the beautiful sea and behind, that sneaky monkey is already up to his new dangerous stunt.  

I was prepared to scream "man overboard!!!".

and then bribing me to not tell his mum. 

@ Penang

I was all too eager to get off the ship by noon because I wanted practice my photography skills at of old buildings and whatever Penang has to offer. We were so enthusiastically ready, we had EVERYTHING. Wide-lens, selfie-stick and a DSLR camera. Talk about fully-geared. 

Turns out that our tour package didn't offer much but a ride along the spectacular and famous Penang 2nd bridge, Queenbay shopping mall, chocolate museum (which technically is just a shop that sells chocolate) and Penang char kway tiao. 

It wasn't much, and we k.o. immediately when on board because our Langkawi trip requires us to assemble at the lounge at 8am. 

Day 3: Langkawi + Gala Night

Trip-wise Langkawi was equally disappointing. Half-day tour really doesn't do Langkawi any justice. We were given only an hour to venture Cenang beach, underwater world AND duty-free shops. What can 60 minutes give you? We forgo underwater world entirely and went with Cenang Beach and lunch at McDonald's. We managed to take comparatively more photos than we did at Penang, so I was less whiny. 

Clearly asians. 

Moving on, we have our gala night. Basically we get to have better food (STEAK WOO) and performance to conclude our last night on the ship. I was so wrecked tired, but the show and food made up for the night. Didn't take any pictures because by nightfall, we were all zonked out.

This is the exact day Honwee turned 21! So we had complimentary cake, and a surprise from the crew. It was awesome. Happy birthday, loverboy! 

Day 4: Singaaaaporeeeee

No sight was more exciting than our very own metropolis, especially considering how dog-tired I am. We roamed around the cruise for a few more hours before bidding it goodbye when dusk breaks for the evening.

The chronicles of bad hair ensues. 

For further artsy fartsy shots please contact @khwkhw. 


That concludes our cruise trip!!! 

I have no idea I will take this long to write this entry. I for one will definitely not look down on travelogs, for all that trouble to lug a heavya*s camera whenever, fearing 24/7 that somebody might rob you, your expensive equipment and your memories. And then finding the best possible lighting, editing, content creation yada, yada. That's a lot of work!! I was here from 11-3+pm to finish this entry whilst editing the pictures. Nevertheless, it was a great trip with the Kohs and I thank Koh papa and koh mama for bringing and taking care of me whilst I be my pampered, whiny little diva. 


on Poly Life

Sunday, March 6, 2016
Last Wednesday marks the unofficial end to my three-years poly life! I know I actually ranted a lot about my life in TP, friends, grades and so on. But leaving the compound and knowing that this place, this very place that I step into will no longer be my home as of 3rd March 2016; the feeling is bittersweet. Here are some myths I debunked through the course of this short 3 years. 

"You will never meet true friends"
 You will, several times actually. You can claim that your secondary school friends knew you better and all that rubbish but the truth is, they ARE somebody else's secondary school friends too. It's not that they don't care about you, it's just that in poly, your grades are at stake, you HAVE something to lose. Sometimes some decisions are not made in favour to you. Your secondary school friends would have done the same, if in the same position. In spite of me joking around telling GJJ that I won't remember them after 3rd March, I know I will. They may not be my best friend, but  I know they are true. They played an instrumental role towards my growth as a person, albeit not all lessons are joyful, but I still appreciate it no less. 

"You are in poly because you are stupid" 
It's a social stigma especially for express students because Junior College (JC) should ultimately be their goal. I actually read a tweet of this express kid from my school saying something along the lines of "I think I didn't do very well for my O level papers, let me just browse through some poly courses". ha. ha. ha. I was quite offended because I just wanted to go into a good poly. But in poly, I actually met quite a few people who are actual O levels 3 pointer. Three. As in, all A1s, studying in the exact course as me. What the actual fuck. When asked she merely said "because I don't want to be a small fish in the big pond, but a big fish in the small pond." NOT ONLY THAT, this three years made me realised that there are different kind of smart. Some people are really good at finance, some at art, some at dance etc. Don't let it define you. If everybody is born to fit a single purpose, we can just fall into the factions like divergent. 

"xxx poly is better than xxx poly" 
ha. ha. ha. just choose a school near your house or at the very least have the course that you want? You are going to thank me later when your project meeting ends at 11pm and you have a 8/9am class the next day ya. Also my friend from RP is actually studying in NTU right now and here I am thinking about what kind of job I want to do. It's all about YOU not the school. The school can only help you this far. 

"Class participation 10% nia" 
LOL take back your words, like now, take it back, swallow it down. Unless you are confident to get full marks for your other components, CHERISH THIS STUPID 10%. I never knew the importance of class participation until my last day in poly when my tutor announce that one of the students actually failed his 50% course work, EVEN when he passed the class test and mid sems'. I think the teacher gave him a 0-2% out of 10%.  It came as a shock, and I felt very sorry for him, even though I am not necessary fond of his existence. You know... last year liao just let him pass??? Yeah, guys class part is important. Ask questions, answer them, make sure that you teacher recognise you when he sees you at the bus-stop. 

At the end of the day, we are the monsters we say we hate. 

To those that are in polytechnics right now, cherish it, and have self-awareness. Act don't react. Everybody wants the best for themselves, including you. It is not as bad as everybody says it to be. Be a great person, love people, and study smart. 

In bad times, remember that it is all a rite of passage. I once asked my bf (who was an army instructor for his camp) why they tekan the recruits extra hard before and during hell week. And he told me that they have to do all this, so they have great stories to tell and great bonds to share. It will be more memorable to look back at the hardships to see how much they've grown. It kinda make sense to me so yeah... hold that closeeeee to your heart.  

I just realised I wrote a chunk of irrelevant chatter, but I hope somebody will comfort in this knowing that we are all going through it together. Okie, bye. C.t.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yet another 21st. It's the most happening year of my life, yet! There was no theme for Shawn's, just chillax @ the RWS hotel with gorgeous marble bathroom (and yes bathtub!!). We came to a consensus that at every 21st birthday party, there will be a group of willing people at the disposal of the host! I deployed Hw's friends on my birthday, and is glad to help out at their's!  

Sorry, but shout out the fake thai! Thanks for accompanying me to get the bathbombs and ramen!!!!!! 


so the room was at RWS, not very sure which part because I blindly followed the boys. BUT DAMN DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE BATHROOM, yes ok I did. May I present you the pictorial truth:

Da-damn, and in case you're wondering, yes I made Honwee sit in the model for me because unfortunately for the vainpot in me, Honwee can't take a nice picture of me to save a life, I WILL SHOW YOU WHY... later, or another time. Depending which is more convenient. 

The nice staff actually made Shawn a 'birthday cake' with um, towels. 

Topped with a miniature figurine of a walrus (correct me if I am wrong) and dolphin, that I stuff into Shawn's bag forcing him to take them home the next morning. And also being a honeymoon suite, there were also towels-made swans and elephant.

Which all possibly became one of our dirty towels towards the end of the night. 

The set-up is wayyy to adorable, my heart broke when Zinc messed them up. *teary face* 

Anyway it was preparations, after preparations. Actually, I don't even remember what I did to help. I can only recall eating, taking pictures and ordering Honwee around. Okay, maybe I helped to set up the lighting for the photobooth, get the printed decals on the hotel's mural and sprint to open the door for whoever that came! Still, I can't remember being much of a help.  

That aside, Shawn brought his magical Airfryer (damn badass) and pastries so I self-proclaimed dips on all the good stuff. 

AND my BFF aka girlfriend-sorority-sister came in spite of her coming prelims.  

Lurbe You. 

We had a whale of good time while Shawn pace around the suite, entertaining as many friends as possible. I've made a few new friends here and there, and managed to sit down and converse with Shanzeebo. 

Sorry I can't get the lighting consistency right, it's damn frustrating editing the photos because I am merely a certified vainpot with a DSLR. Only able to produce pretty pictures under great lighting. I'll go learn more. Anyway, I digress!! 

It was a lot more fun when most of the groups left. That meant that we were the only ones around so we rolled around and do our own thing. 

Which was a lot more fun, evidently on my snapchat that night! Or so captured on my phone that night by... I am very unsure who. 

Shanzeebo and I even got some time for a bubble talk with Shawn before we rejoin the male pack. Because you know.... guys usually don't really talk about things, and who actually cares (or kaypoh enough to ask) about our petty female problems. 

Yup, it was one hell of a weekend and now all I have left are the residual pictures of the 21st party. 

In conclusion... 
ITS WAY MORE FUN ATTENDING PARTIES THAN HOSTING ONE!!! Especially so when you're an anointed slaves because that means that you stay the latest and get to fully enjoy and play after everybody leaves. Wooo!!!! 

Okay, I still have a paper coming, so to dreamland I depart! Goodnight. C.t.