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Green x white // Bestie birthday pre-celebration

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Testing out the camera before my best friend’s birthday today. She didn’t ask me to become her photographer, I suppose because she forgot about the need to have one. She asked me to bring my polaroid, but didn’t even remind me (Rai forgets 1). She didn’t tell anybody that it’s supposed to be a pastel themed party (Rai forgets 2). She didn’t specifically tell our friends that they are supposed to come on day 2 (Rai forgets 3). She didn’t prepare a backdrop of any sort (Rai forgets 4). 

She did not forget to use her free labour though, because I am asked to come on both days of her celebration. Albeit exhausted, we still went to waterway yesterday to get her decorations going! We found a $5 mugshot backdrop for all the photo-taking, fairy lights (which really is for her room, but she insist that she will use it for her birthday), pegs, some strings. Typo is our holy haven. 

Spending the pre-celebration resting at home and preparing for interview #3. Then, we are ready to rock the world. Praying for fantastic lighting and camera-ready friends.