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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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So proud of yourself, I see.

Spring Clean

Monday, March 30, 2015

I suppose this is me being productive. I shall continue with the chores before I re-attempt doing up my blogspot. (Yes, I might want to port back to blogger)

Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen


I read Ladyironchef's review recently and decided to meet Maybeline over the quaint little café to catch up! Very thankful for her willingness to explore new (remote) places with me although I am eating (pun unintended) into her time for revision/homework. We spent a lot more time conversing than taking pictures so I only managed to grab a few pictures of the food/decor.


M did her research, thus, it did not take us too long to navigate our way there. It is quite hard to miss Infinite Studio – the black matte building stood out like a sore thumb in the midst of the greenery. And because it is located at such a remote area, the vibe of the place was really relaxed and chill. In spite of the distance, I might want to come back here to do my revision in the near future. #betterthanlibrary #gotfoodsomemore #givemethatbuttermilkwafflesanytime

I applaud the level of hospitality provided upon arrival and departure; the cashiers have their A-game smiles going on. Not forgetting the remarkable poker faces when M and I were trying to get the right picture for our instagram post. Imagine the two of us standing around the table attempting to take a flat lay. #nonjudgy #ilike

Anyhow, we had their pastas (I know right... who eats pastas at brunch cafés ) after deciding that we aren't adventurous or hungry enough to consume anything else. I had aglio olio, and to be brutally honest I prefer Pepperlunch's beef aglio olio a lot more. I guess their pastas are mediocre? But I will return again to try something else. Maybe their waffles or their signature pau sliders. Then, I'll update this space for my five cent's worth. Their brews are really worth it though!



If not for their food, I will definitely drag H back again for ambience. The brightly lit space serves a good environment to foster heart-to-heart conversations (i.e. very nice place to chill la). I guess H will be more than willing to travel here because I heard that their waffles are not bad, and H LOVESSSSS WAFFLES. Actually he loves all sorts of food in general. Maybe he can one day be a food guru.

Oh yes, did I also mentioned that it is relatively affordable to dine over at Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen. M and I paid approximately $20 each for both the drink AND the main dish. I guess it is a good place to go if you don't want to burn your pocket like I did last week at W.Y.

21 media circle
#01-05 Infinite Studios
S (138562)

Nearest MRT – One North Station
Take exit B, walk to bus stop along Portsdown Road (Bus-stop ID 18151) – it is the bus stop opposite the road. Alight 4 stops later or when you see the giant black building.

Operating Hours: 
Monday: 9am - 6pm.
Tuesday: 9am - 4pm.
Wednesday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm

Read also Citynomad's review on Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen.


Thank you for the company despite your busy, busy schedule. I really do appreciate it. See you during June, my precious hardworking little girl.

Well, well

Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have not done anything close to productive today; other than sleeping in and being force-fed by H. I now truly understand how a spoilt brat feels – good. My career as a couch potato aside, I am reading up to get my grammar cleaned up. Because...."Does he really think that big emotions come from big words?" *both hands up* Guilty as charged. Henceforth, I decided to brush up on my foundation before I embarrass myself. Which have possibly happened one too many times.

Going off to another cafe tomorrow (yes I know, but it seems to me that people nowadays enjoy cafe hopping a lot more) featuring Maybeline - my favourite cosmetic brand. I mean, my favourite not-so-little-anymore girl. I promise a visual update after tomorrow because the sight of Maybeline has always been a joy to many.

P/s: I made a word bank, am I too old for that. Haha. c.t. 

On two ends

Friday, March 27, 2015
And perhaps, opposites do attract.

They probably always do. There is no chasm between what's on two ends, they are always bonded by the force of the universe. The light will always chase the dark and vice versa. There is no other way around it. Regardless of how much commonality the rays find in each, they would still roam the Earth in search of the specks of dark that goes well with them.

Bicycle Shop

Monday, March 23, 2015
Photo Mar 22, 4 15 15 PM HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOH HON WEE. I remember feeling really bad about not being prepared for your birthday. I loved you the most and I could not even get a proper present for you, oh no. I am glad that at the end of the day, it was really fun - getting caught in the rain, travelling and claiming free items. Nothing says 'I love you' quite as loudly as spending time together.  We made an extremely impromptu decision to head to Wheeler's Yard (yes we hopped on the bandwagon too slowly) despite the fact that we do not appreciate cafe's food. We have never gone cafe hopping, I think my close friends know that the only cafe I ever go to is McCafe. Decided to go anyway since it is soooooo highly-raved. IMG_1750 IMG_1752 IMG_1754 IMG_1755 I kinda dig the whole bicycle thing going on. It was spacious and every corner seems to be a potential OOTD spot; I like. VERY unfortunately I did not take any proper pictures of the food, we consumed them almost immediately. IMG_1756 Honwee smelling our truffle fries. We concluded that Truffles Fries are not our thing. It smells a lot like "fries soaked in petroleum". Honwee's sister said that! I prefer the simplicity of golden fries with a sprinkle of chilli powder. IMG_1765 Photo Mar 22, 3 22 22 PM I had pan-seared salmon, AND I CROSS MY HEART THIS PICTURE DOES NOT DO IT ANY JUSTICE. This meal has enslaved the loyalty in me for Wheeler's Yard. There was no word for it, I immediately shove a forkful of it into H's mouth and his face lighted up. IMG_1768 Honwee and his steak diane which he kept feeding me because it taste equally amazing. Their food has officially bought our hearts. And instead of giving you a crap shit 'review' (ok... i am not really doing a review), I'll simply tell you this... we will come back again for their food.  I can write a kickass 'review' and not be back again that is why sometimes reviews are a tad bit incomplete. It is only good when you are willing to patronise the place again. IMG_1770 IMG_1773 We attempted to leave the place after lunch, but it poured! What a pity because I was trying to catch the sun. Sun = good lighting = good pictures what, right? So.. it poured and we had to seek shelter in Wheeler's Yard. We hung out for a long time at Wheeler's Yard and we almost fell asleep because the ambience was soooooo right in the feels + the rain..... Zzz. IMG_1786 IMG_1804 IMG_1810 IMG_1823 IMG_1826 IMG_1837 Honwee's shoes are so pretty, I wish I had Sperry as well!! After the rain simmer down, we left for Milk Cow to try their ice-cream. And since it is Honwee's birthday we get to eat for free. Photo Mar 22, 7 09 54 PM Our half-eaten soft serve featuring my half-painted nails. It taste really milky, like literal m i l k. I might go back another day to try it, maybe this time I'll go for something less simple. It was a good day, and I do not know why but I feel that I am way happier than Honwee is. It is the third time I am celebrating H's birthday with him, and I am just highly honoured that H chose to spend his birthday with me every year. Photo Mar 22, 4 14 06 PM Feels a lot like my birthday instead and my present is his presence. There is no greater gift than being able to spend time with Honwee. Thank you, I love you so march. (Inside joke!)


Tuesday, March 17, 2015
I am an independent child, my mom firmly believed that I should learn on my own.  So I spent a lot of time out alone, yada yada. That being said, I get catcalled a lot. I think girls would at least experience this once or twice..? I suppose the main reason to that is because we were caught alone at night? Such incidents literally WILL NOT happen if I am with H or my friends and family.

There was once I went to swim in a one-piece swimsuit - the kind that makes you look like a seal, and a group of boys kept calling out for me. I remember H was coming back from overseas that day, but I did not want to idle at home before his arrival so I went out for a swim. I ignored the boys initially and scurry off to the showers after their catcalling gets a little too intense for me to ignore. But guess what? After I washed up, I found them outside the pool, already washed up and waiting. Waiting for me.......? They tried following me home. I was so angry I turned back, gave them The Finger and stomped off... which made them laugh. It was humiliating but thankfully they stopped following.

HOW IS IT THAT IM DRESSED AS A SEAL AND YOU STILL WANT TO HARASS ME?!? Just because I am a girl you want to penetrate me?! IS THAT SO? ARE YOU THAT INTERESTED IN FEMALE SEAL?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was never more humiliated and I have no idea what their intentions were. To make me feel unsafe? To make sure that I learnt my lesson and go out only when there is somebody else going out with me? To compliment me? How is it a compliment or a flattery? I am very sure H only whistles to get Cocoa's attention. Are you trying to get my attention? Are you calling me a dog now?

I think my worst catcall was when this group of beng bengs told me: "chio bu, the one in *description* shirt, you either give me your number or get beaten up by us", I RAN LIKE USAIN BOLT. I hate the people that makes the world unsafe and I know by writing this crappy piece will not help much, but I feel that people should know how it feels like to be catcalled.

Phase 1: Defensive Mode Initiated
When somebody whistles at me, my body goes into this defensive mode. It's fight or flight. I can literally feel the asshole staring down to my ass, and up again. At this point if anybody touches me, I am probably going to jump or punch the person without hesitation.

Phase 2: Possible Outcomes (that are far more dramatic in your head)
In my head, I come up with all sorts of possible outcomes. I imagine the asshole trying to grab me, stop me in my path, flash, molest, rape or murder me. No. Seriously. I am not even kidding. This is what goes in a girl's head when you start yelling at her because of her looks or figure. There is never a "aww... that guy so sweet, complimenting me in public, maybe I should give my number". NEVER, like what ah lians like to say, "eu w8z nong nong lorzxs".

I know this sounds bizarre and stupid but every single time some boy decides that it is fun to 'disturb' me, my brain just goes crazy screaming, "F**K (yeah, I curse sometimes. If you are Gena then I probably curse all the time) YOU BETTER RUN, SOMEBODY IS GONNA RAPE YOU". #truestory #truerthanmyidentity

Phase 3: The Escape
After what feels like an eternity, I flee. By flee I meant, walking ferociously fast so as to get your eyes off my ass. When you feel like the girl that you just whistled at is running away from you, she probably is you ugly creep.

Phase 4: The Humiliation
I feel sick. I usually feel like a piece of meat. Maybe that is how some of you see girls, but I know to some people, I am more than just flesh. I am my wits, my humour and my temper. I have no idea why, but at the end of the day, I feel embarrassed. I am embarrassed about my own body, my gender and my inability to come up with anything else to make people stop. I am uncertain of the reason why some stupid boy decides to 'punish' me just because I am a girl and out too late in the night. This world belongs to me too.
When you catcall, it is not a tease, it is a threat. 

I cannot believe I typed all that just because I was whistled at while out to get two disappointing paus to fill my empty stomach. Maybe if the paus were great, I would not have bothered. I risked my life for two pathetic paus. 778 words just because my paus sucked. I realise my block quote sound like a riot quote or campaign quote. Maybe I can be next online sensation also, HA. HA. HA. OKBYE.

Lang Leav


I saw 'Love and Misadventure' the other time and I did not buy it. When I saw 'Lullabies', I picked it up and went straight for the counter. Yes, I am a book hoarder. Thank you, sweetest for helping me with getting The Shot - although we are still far from close, but thank you. I think your hands are perfect, it creates a balance between the strong and the soft. Meeting sweet child, Rachel, tomorrow for... nothing. We are planning to do sleepover activities without sleeping over. And badass, Gena, on Wednesday for 'Cinderella' and an actual sleepover (to mask the fact that I am probably going to purge Gena). This week sounds very exciting!!


Thursday, March 12, 2015
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Another quiet day at home. I cannot wait for dance class tomorrow, need to practise but... I have no space.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

IMG_0481 It is raining and we are both really bored at home. Cocoa waiting for korkor Koh to come and bully her. I cannot do anything remotely fun until I finish my house work. I have yet to even eat my meals. This is what laziness is.

Making of,

Thursday, March 5, 2015

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The previous time I posted an entry on Cocoa's birthday and it was quite well received so I figured I do one every week? Do you think I can keep up with it?

// Anyhow last 2 papers, have been really self-deciplined enough to not touch blackshot, tumblr or any thing that is too time consuming (and fun). COME BACK IN LIKE....4-5 DAYS!!

Cocoa's thoughts (2)


I am bored every day,


I asked Crystal to play with me a couple times a day, but she is just too busy


however... every time when I give up and play on my own,


Crystal starts calling for me and very impolitely starts hugging me. Which is tolerable until she starts blaming ME for the lack of productivity.


What an asshole.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"but you guys have dreams that grades can buy" - Jasmine


[youtube]I am not sure if I am feeling jolly, or do I really want to dance to this all day.